Desay Corporation was founded in 1983. After 40 years of development, Desay has grown into a large electronic information corporation with annual sales revenue exceeding 40 billion yuan . With two listed companies (Desay Battery SZ000049, and Desay SV, SZ002920), our business covers various fields including automotive electronics, new energy battery, LED optoelectronics, intelligent equipment, precision parts, and other industries. Being China’s Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises, Desay Corporation cooperates with and serves for over thirty World Top 500 Enterprises.
  • 1983

    founded in

  • 40billion

    annual sales revenue

  • 500top

    Top 500 Enterprises

  • 200000

    industrial park

  • 5000

    professionals and experts

Core Business
Product Promotion
Social Responsibility
Energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection,Recycling,
green design and manufacturing
All along, Desay adheres to the core values of "diligence and integrity, openness and sharing, innovation and efficiency", while maintaining the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise, it does not forget to repay the society and has the courage to assume its due social responsibilities.
22/F,Desay Building,12 West Yunshan Road,Jiangbei,Huizhou,Guangdong,China